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Chinese Democratic Education Foundation (CDEF) is a non-profit private organization registered in California, United States of America, Founded by Frank K. Wong in 1985. The headquartered is located in San Francisco. All members of CDEF are volunteers. The CDEF has established The Outstanding Contribution Prize for Democracy of China in 1986, which is an annual international award in recognition of individuals and/or organizations have outstanding contributions of promoting the prosperity and progress of Chinese society for democracy, freedom and human rights. Since it established in 1986, the prize has been awarded annually in public. 



Financial resources:

Chinese Democratic Education Foundation (CDEF) is a non-profit private organization. The major financial supports come from the board members and volunteers of the CDEF. The CDEF is also accepted donations from individuals from public. The CDEF does not accept any financial support or donations from any government and political related organizations. The amount of The Outstanding Contribution Prize for Democracy of China is depends on the foundation financial resources of each year.




CDEF needs voluteers in both local and global to help promoting Chinese society for democracy, freedom and human rights. You are welcome to send email to: CDEFinfo@gmail.com 



Every dollar of your donations will be a great help:


or send check to:

Chinese Democratic Education Foundation26720 Patrick AVE, Hayward, CA 94544


  The 31st (Year 2016) "Outstanding Contribution Prize for Democracy of China" selection announcement

       Since 1986 the China Democratic Education Foundation (CDEF) has launched the "Outstanding Democrats Award" award in recognition of individuals and organizations that have great contribution in "rule of law, human rights, freedom and democracy”.

There have been 82 individuals and 10 groups awarded with this honor, including the three places cross-strait and the international community concerned about the cause of China's democracy. "China Outstanding Democrats Award" for the annual award, issued once a year, including bonuses and medals. Nominated by the community candidates, the final selection by the CDEF selection committee, the most votes for the winners. The CDEF Selection Committee is comprised of renowned Chinese experts, academics and researchers, and lawyers.


       The list of nominees is collected collectively around the world, subject to a nominee material of about 2,000 words, by posting a paper version or by e-mail to the China Democratic Education Foundation. Nomination deadline: July 4, 2017.


        Through the public nomination of the public, the CDEF Council selects and arranges the list of preliminary candidates among all the nominees and sends them to the CDEF Selection Committee. The final winners are directly voted by the Selection Committee.

        Awards ceremony:

        The list of winners is announced before the awards ceremony and released by the media. The awards ceremony was held in the Gulf of San Francisco for the time being from October to December of that year. The specific time address will be announced by the media two months before the award ceremony. The awards ceremony was held at the same time as the winners' lectures and the China Symposium.

        China Democracy Education Foundation called on the community to actively participate in the active nomination of "outstanding democrats" for all involved in the cause of fairness and justice of human rights activists, activists, media people, visitors, political prisoners, conscience to be extremely encouraging Support and respect! They are, in the cause of democracy for the sacrifice of their own; for them, for justice, "Nine dead not regret it;" they are, so that the hands of the goddess of the torch bear burning; is that they erected the spirit of the Chinese democratic mileage monument!